WHATS ON – Supporting Families in Link Schools

We offer various Drop-in services for parents as well as Parenting courses which range from 4 to 6 weeks. For all information on these services please click on the Newsletter tab below. For local activities available during school holidays click on the Parenting Brochure below or feel free to contact us on 01442 230768.

New one-stop Parenting directory for parents

Support for families is crucial in strengthening communities and achieving the best outcomes for children and young people in Hertfordshire. Parents and carers are not the only influence on a child’s life chances, but effective parenting is one of the strongest protective factors for any child.

Childhood Support Services has been working with an external supplier to ensure that we have a robust mechanism for informing parents, carers and professionals about the parenting support that is available to them in Hertfordshire. A one-stop directory has been designed that will allow parents to access information about support, regardless of the funding stream.

The directory will allow parents, carers and professionals to view parenting provision either by district or at county level. Other benefits include: the ability to search the directory via keywords; see a map of services, view expected outcomes of courses, search for crèche provision, identify any costs and the ability to add courses to a shortlist. The directory is available at www.hertsdirect.org/parentingsupport